About Us

Cash4CarsPhilly provides junk removal services which will accommodate all your disposal needs in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs.  If you want top dollar for your junk car, trailer, forklift or truck then we are the right disposal removal service provider for you.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent and convenient service.  All Cash4CarsPhilly employees are selected based on their experience and professionalism.  Our service is delivered in a safe and timely manner by well-trained technicians.

Cash4CarsPhilly has built a strong reputation by making junk removal a simple, hassle free process.  We deliver exactly what we promise we will and guarantee all our phone and email quotes.  Our driver will arrive to pick up your junk vehicle with the cash money in hand.  The entire process takes minutes with minimal paperwork required.  There are no fees to our clients.

If you are needing junk removal services in the Philadelphia or surrounding areas, you owe it to yourself to call Cash4CarsPhilly at  215–720–1845